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Jacqui McGovern and Breda Kyne
Why Invest in Wellbeing?

Poor company culture and a negative impact on mental health were the primary reasons Irish workers resigned from their roles in 2021.

70% of Irish employees are experiencing some form of stress at work.

Up to 11 million work days are lost through absenteeism every year at a cost of 1.5 billion euro to the Irish economy.

76% of Irish employers agree they have a responsibility to employee mental health yet only 20% have a dedicated budget for mental health training.

Research shows that employers who invest in mental health and wellbeing training see greater employee engagement and productivity and higher levels of staff retention.

"Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can."

Arthur Ashe
Breda Kyne - Mind Ed

Mind Ed was established in 2020 by Jacqui McGovern and Breda Kyne to meet the growing demand for workplace wellbeing courses in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Breda is a consultant trainer specialising in the area of wellbeing and growth mindset education. Breda became the first accredited MindUP™ Consultant in Ireland in 2016, and has since trained over 500 teaching staff in the programme. With almost 20 years of experience in both education and industry sectors, Breda is passionate about empowering organisations to foster positive workplace cultures.

Jacqui is a mental health social worker with over 20 years of experience in mental health care settings. In 2023 Jacqui returned to her career in social work while Breda remained at Mind Ed where she continues to develop and deliver innovative training courses for the Business and Education sectors.

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Our Vision

As we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic there has never been a more compelling time for businesses and organisations to invest in the wellbeing of their staff.

Our courses are based on neuroscience research which encourages participants to develop an awareness of their body’s natural response systems and learn practical strategies to manage their wellbeing and perform at their best.

100% of attendees say that they have taken something away from our courses that they can immediately use in their daily lives to improve their wellbeing.

"Judging from participant feedback, our staff have been overwhelmingly delighted with their Mind Ed training. We strongly recommend this online mental health training"

Jessica Duffy, Healthy Campus Co-Chair, GMIT
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Our Core Workplace Wellness Courses

Many of our courses are also available as webinars.

Unwind Your Mind

This micro-course is a perfect fit for a Wellbeing Week. It covers 5 key topics over 5 days in 30 minute bite-sized 'theory and practice' sessions. Unwind Your Mind is ideal for time-stretched organisations that want to provide a meaningful and impactful wellbeing programme for their teams.

Attention Management

This course looks at the science of attention and why attention management is more effective than time management in an age of distraction and remote work. It offers a range of practical attention management strategies and tips to easily incorporate into busy lives.

Taming Stress

This course looks at the science and purpose of stress and its emotional, physical and psychological impact. It offers practical strategies for stress management and a sustainable long-term approach to self-care.

Understanding the Science of Workplace Conflict

This course looks at the science of conflict in the workplace, and explores how using a 'safety first' approach to resolving workplace conflict can lead to greater levels of staff retention and productivity.

Performing Under Pressure

This course looks at the science of how mind and body respond to pressure and stress. It looks at how to improve emotional agility when the pressure gauge reaches its max and how to protect performance levels when faced with competing pressures every day.

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Our Training Model

Most Mind Ed courses are live online sessions suitable for groups large and small. Onsite training is also available in some regions on request. We are constantly developing new material and can create bespoke courses to suit individual organisations' needs.

We believe that prioritising applied learning when it comes to workplace wellbeing is one of the best investments an organisation can make. It has been proven that happy staff work better, take less sick leave, and stay longer with organisations where wellbeing is prioritised.

Our digital brochure provides an overview of who we are, how we work, and why it is important for organisations to invest in employee wellbeing.

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"I really really enjoyed the course, and I’ve done a lot of online training courses since Covid, this one has come out on top so far!!"
"Thanks so much to you both. Superb course excellently presented."
"Really enjoyed the sessions and taking the time to look after myself through participation in the class, great insights and thought provoking."
"THANKS so much - superb course. Really enjoyed it and learned a lot from it."
"Refreshingly down to earth style coupled with a wealth of knowledge and experience really hit the mark for me and made complete sense. Highly recommend them."
"Thanks so much for the wonderful course and I’ll be sure to use many of the practical tips mentioned. This course should be mandatory for everyone!"
"Great course, great presenters. I will spread the word. Thank you both."
"I really enjoyed the training and found it very informative, easy to follow and understand and I gained great tips in thinking about how and why stress affects my life and how to deal with a stressful situation if it occurs. I would definitely recommend the programme."